Thursday, April 14, 2011

I have decided, principally for procrastination purposes (ALLITERATION FIVE!?), to start drawing a graphic novel of Skulduggery Pleasant, which we all know, is AWESOME. I have approximately five panels done, which is about, in my drawing, and cause Mr Landy is not stingy on the descriptive words, is about two pages, which is a LOT for a graphic novel.

Once I get into the dialogue though, I'm screwed.

I'm also CHEATING, slightly, because instead of like, DRAWING the extended family no one likes, ('cept me, I think, cause they're HILARIOUS)being... themselves, I guess, I just drawed them in one panel and made them look MEAN.

I'mma hope I don't get sued, and post up the first page on my dA soon, or mebbe make a WHOLE NEW dA for it...

But check out anyway, cause some of ma stuff is up there.

Bye for now, I'mma play pokemon!

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